Blackstar – 21st November

by maverickis on November 29, 2005

Held in Heathrow from now on. No internet access unless you rent a key.

This time I actually said something at the open meeting about tagging every entry to Ecademy to determine a blogging index; and about changing everyone’s entry to say first what you are prepared to give, then about your background.

The virtual table was interesting. It was very helpful to see how other people view you. I got Penny’s comments about me to adjust my profile on the site.

Had several one2one’s with people like Mike Segall, Elaine Gold, Karen Purves. For the first time people requested them with me rather than the other way round.

With all the turbulence about how soon it is to be sold, what to do about BS, how it is going to progress, people like Nikki being thrown out, it is all getting very interesting.

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