NRG Selfridge: member 10 minutes

by maverickis on January 19, 2006

This was on the 10th of January at the Selfidge in London. About 35 at lunch.

I talked about the implications of search engines as answer engines. In the last century search engines were used to find good sites that you would then browse through and bookmark if you liked them.

Now they are being used to answer users’ questions. So no one cares about your website, or your navigation, because they never use them. Websites do not exist; only web content exists. Users stay just long enough to get whatever free stuff you are offering then leave never to return.

There is no value in giving away stuff to users who do not care who provides the service.

So implications of all this:

1. Unique vistors are irrelevant. Track loyal visitors instead.

2. Offer sticky content. Provide narrowly focussed pages thatprovide answers to common problems.

3. Use lots of links to make your content richer.

4. Provide analysis and insight instead of just information. That’s what blogs do.

You see where this is going. The summary is to go for a niche. That is what those points mean to me.

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