Working on the business, not in it

by maverickis on May 13, 2006

I think I will look back on March 2006 as the period where I spent more time on my business rather than in it.

This was the month when I became a consultant to Sophus on search engine marketing in the automotive industry with three car manufacturers interested in our joint services.

This was the month when I was brought into an initiative through Bev Hamilton to be in at the start of a new business venture.

This was the month when I started work on some Adword targetted campaigns in telemarketing where we will be paid on the number of prospect appointments gained rather than the number of enquiries. This resulted from a contact made at my last seminar at the University of Bath at Swindon.

And this was the month we engaged Stef Painter to do telemarketing for new technical PR clients.

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