Install Debian on Mac Mini

by bose on February 19, 2010

Installed the debian operating system from CD onto Mac mini Intel replacing Mac operating system 10.  Root and Chris Bose user passwords in ever note.  Operating system seemed to install correctly, but on restart only get a blinking folder.  Internet research suggests that the partition table is cleared during install on Intel macs.  The EFI cannot see the partition as bootable.  This is a known bug in the installation system.

I thought about the up problem with the firmware, so I reinstalled Mac operating system 10.5 updated the firmware and started again.  So from the debian CD I deleted all the partition but  the Mac install CD would not boot.  I lost drivers as well?  So I reinstalled every other new partition.

Now going to try FireWire target mode to my G5 Mac, remount the desk and repartition it, reinstalled Mac operating system and proceed from there.  FireWire target mode worked!  Hard drive appear on desktop.
Repartitioned the hard drive 15 GB the Mac operating system 45 gigabyte free space.  So then reinstalled 10.6 onto 30 GB partition.  Note that 10.4 install DVD did not work.

None of the above actions worked.  So I reformatted the hard disk from the 10.6 installer with one partition.  MPR and MS-DOS for the volume.  Then the debian CD booted correctly.  But wouldn’t load the kernel, until I deleted all data on the partitions and began again.

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