Migrating Itunes to new Macbook

by bose on April 1, 2010

Migrating files to new Macbook by ethernet seemed to work OK until you tried to purchase new songs through the app and it said ” you do not have write permission” to perform the changes.

Completely stuck, because changed permissions of all the files we could see and yet stubbornly the same error message. You could play songs in the music library but you could not download new ones.

Google searches using the actual error message “you do not have write access for your itunes media folder” gave lots of advice using the command line. None of these early suggestions worked. Until I went to page 3 of the search: result number 21, read down to the bottom of the list here to get this:

Good news. Seems that after all the permissions work, the issue was resolved after one easy step: remove the /Users/Shared/SC Info directory and restart.

1. In the top finder bar, go to GO > Go to Folder (Shift+Cmd+G)
2. Type in “/Users/Shared/SC Info”
3. Switch to Column View if you’re not in it already
4. Delete the “SC Info” folder
5. Restart

This worked! Wife very grateful!

Learning: sometimes necessary to dig deep in the SERP’s for relevancy using very precise search term.

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