Why small B2B companies should use PayPerClick

by chris bose on November 2, 2011

Many small B2B companies are wary of running PayPerClick campaigns because they do not want to waste their resources on a complex and difficult to understand process. They are afraid that the system is setup to make Google money and they cannot afford the time to learn how to change the default settings.

It is a difficult system to become expert in but its worth the effort because a well run PayPerClick campaign delivers these:

  • Valuable enquiries
  • Lots of business insight
  • Best converting niche keywords

You get valuable enquiries when you start thinking about how your potential customers refer to their problems online; when your ads reflect how your potential customers speak; and when your landing pages address their problems as specifically as possible.

You get lots of business insight because your tracking systems help you identify which keywords, ads and landing pages give the best conversions to sales.

You can use your newly discovered niche keywords to create new content for your existing site. The pages will then be better optimised for natural searches and your organic traffic will become more relevant.

In summary, your PayPerClick campaigns will begin to work for your business if you:

  • Understand your potential buyer
  • Target the keywords they are using
  • Track and measure everything

I specialise in getting quality enquiries for B2B clients from PayPerClick campaigns. Call me, Chris Bose, on 01488 674 203 for advice on how to get started.

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