Always make custom product pages

May 19, 2011

for WordPress sites with the common content already built in. When its time to change contact details and you find that Search and Replace only works on existing paragraphs, you’ll thank me

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How to add Live Chat code to WordPress pages

May 14, 2011

Make sure to delete the div tags in the code or else your sidebars are all screwed up.

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Focused web crawler: Good Starting URL’s

May 4, 2011 is a one-stop URL because all its links are to final targets. The script stays within the applegate domain. A good starting URL should be a hub to likely sites with lots of good links to final targets. It should FIND relevant new directories not BE a relevant directory. So I’m thinking a good […]

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Run Python Scripts on Windows 7

October 25, 2010

Grab the 2.7 version for Windows from here. Install, then Go to the advanced settings tab in My Computer. Find the environment variables button. Set the variable by adding ;C:Python27 so the PC knows the Python path. Instructions Confirm by opening a terminal prompt (accessible from Accessories folder) and typing python. It should recognise the […]

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Buying PC from PC Specialist

September 20, 2010

Wanted a high spec PC, no operating system to test my robots on Ubuntu 64 bit. Finally got it here

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Combine install Ubuntu 9.10

July 23, 2010

Message below copied from here for my reference: Sourceforge forum Looking at the installation problems that some of the Debian packages for Perl modules required that I have made available in the package repository had very strict dependencies on the perl-api. The two packages I had problems with are: Text::Ngram and Text::ExtractWords. Trying on freshly […]

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Safari 5: Bad

July 20, 2010

About a month ago, Eileen noticed a black background appearing in her outgoing Mail messages. This was getting to be a real pain because the MailMerge scripts began doing it as well. This was taking up a lot of my time and finally a google search came up with this: Safari 5 recently installed […]

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Compare and Contrast

May 30, 2010

Trinidad and Jamaica. The first has held peaceful elections, with a 70% turnout, resulting in a coalition government, and its first woman prime minister. The second: army shootouts in the capital, 50 people dead, over a alleged drug lord with close ties to the government. Could the same thing happen in Trinidad and if not […]

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Capricious Corporates

April 15, 2010

Some corporates behave like Libya. The recent Economist has an article about why Libya is stuck. A lot of the damage is self-inflicted. Decisions are reversed with no explanation. There is no sense of forward planning and no transparency. Says it wants to do something and then acts against that stated objective. Everyone is scared. […]

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Migrating Itunes to new Macbook

April 1, 2010

Migrating files to new Macbook by ethernet seemed to work OK until you tried to purchase new songs through the app and it said ” you do not have write permission” to perform the changes. Completely stuck, because changed permissions of all the files we could see and yet stubbornly the same error message. You […]

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