Forming a corpus

March 20, 2010

Web Dumper to download web pages from all interesting sites: depth level 12; do not allow external links; disable all file types except text files; used 50% bandwidth with 6 simultaneous connections. Tried the list option but always seemed to hang so did 1 URL at a time. Always stopped the run if site did […]

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Build a corpus

March 9, 2010

Use web dumper to download all the URL’s. Script BBedit to batch convert to text files. Convert text files to new corpus. Use new corpus for crawling. Should the corpus be large or small to start with?

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Ubuntu install on Intel Mac Mini

February 23, 2010

I decided to change tack and looked at a Ubuntu a flavour of debian.  There seemed to be explicit workable instructions for Ubuntu install on a Mac mini. Instructions here. But there is a bug that prevents the install booting on Intel Mac Mini. Found instructions from a link in above article. Explicit instructions follow. […]

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Install Debian on Mac Mini

February 19, 2010

Installed the debian operating system from CD onto Mac mini Intel replacing Mac operating system 10.  Root and Chris Bose user passwords in ever note.  Operating system seemed to install correctly, but on restart only get a blinking folder.  Internet research suggests that the partition table is cleared during install on Intel macs.  The EFI […]

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Its a niche, you silly cow!

May 22, 2009

In a recent Observer article on the Apple iphone revolution being overtaken, the journalist argues that although Apple started the revolution it is unlikely to dominate the market. He misses the point: Apple is after niche domination, its not after market domination. Niche domination is were the huge profits are. When the market at large […]

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Nick Heap from Ecademy

August 17, 2007

My 121 with Nick helped me design a new interactive seminar strategy there and then. His facilitation saved me a lot of time by getting me to plan what I wanted to happen before, during and after the seminar to maximise the value for the listener. Read about how Nick’s brand of counselling and facilitation […]

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When Sky+ no longer plays recordings

July 19, 2007

Time to planner rebuild or reset the box. Select Services, type 401, then Select again to access the engineer’s menu. Select Planner rebuild or Reset box. Disk space recovered with the first option, but the saved recordings still did not play so reset the box, lost the recordings but new recordings played. Forum link.

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Tri-Ark launches new UK pump spares site

July 9, 2007

One of the UK’s leading independent supplier of diaphragm pumps and spares has launched a new uk pump spares only site. This site has all the part numbers of diaphragms, gaskets, seals, 0-rings, valve balls and seats for all the popular ranges like SandPIPER, Wilden, Graco, ARO, Crane and Versa-Matic. All you need to do […]

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June 23, 2007

1. Grip non aggressive. Watch the right hand. 2. Pass the club. 3. Maintain the angle; don’t lift up.

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New in press site is in blog format

April 23, 2007

Finally took the plunge and converted the in press main public relations site to a blog format based on WordPress and K2. We are trying something new in the PR world here: not talking about what we do at all but focusing on what is achieved for clients. So we start tracking the new format […]

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